Welcome to Hydestile Resident Animals and a Talk On The Wildside

A Talk on The Wildside
with Graham Cornick.

Nutwood Cottage
New Road

Phone: 01483 860313
Fax: 01483 860786

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A TALK ON THE WILDSIDE Graham Cornick still does his ever popular talks to groups, schools, birthday parties, he brings a few animals to show and talk about, he also teaches people about wildlife issues and pet care.

To book a Talk on the Wildside please phone 01483 860313 there is a charge for the talk depending on time, travel etc.

Please click here for more information on about A Talk On The Wildside.

Hydestile Resident Animals is run by Graham and Lyn Cornick plus staff and volunteers. Known as Hydestile Wildlife Hospital before the change of name in January 2008.

Graham and Lyn had decided to semi retire but things don't always go quite to plan!! Although their workload has been reduced, Hydestile still remains a busy place caring for the permanent residents accumulated over the years and new patients in an emergency if no one else can help.

Advice Line: Hydestile Resident Animals run a free advice line service (calls are normal charge, not the high cost ones to raise funds) and people are then free to give a donation if they wish. Graham and Lyn are usually available to give advice on wildlife and often domestic pets. If they are unable to help they usually know someone who can. If you have an injured animal and can't find anyone to help we do have a list of centres and individuals that can usually help. If in an emergency you cannot find help elsewhere we sometimes admit new casualties, but please phone us first. ADVICE LINE: 01483 860313

Sarcoptic Mange: Many animals, mainly foxes but sometimes squirrels, hedgehogs and other wild animals, have been successfully treated for this awful skin problem. Please contact the advice line on 01483 860313 for more help. If a domestic animal has it you need to contact your veterinary surgeon.

Hydestile is not open to the public to look around but reception is open 7 mornings a week between 9am - 1pm for delivering items or collecting something.

Fund Raising: We still have supporters who subscribe to a newsletter twice a year. In November each year there is a Christmas Bazaar at Milford Village Hall in Surrey. These help to raise funds for food, heating and staff to care for the animals.
If you would like to become a supporter and receive the bi-annual newsletter, please contact us for a subscription form. Please call 01483 860313 or write to: Hydestile Resident Animals, Nutwood Cottage, New Road, Hydestile, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 4DJ.

Donations: We welcome donations of Bric-a-Brac, newspapers, unwanted gifts, blankets, rabbit mix, peanuts, fruit & veg, all kinds of cat or dog food, towels, etc as they are all very useful to us. Our reception is open 7 mornings a week between 9am - 1pm for delivering items. If you have anything else you think we may find useful please phone us.

Help for Hydestile Challenge Badge:This has been setup by Hayley Scott to raise funds for Hydestile. Thanks to Hayley and all the groups who are doing or have done the challenge. A Talk On The Wildside is very popular for all kinds of groups including schools, residential nursing homes, field study centres etc. Graham has given talks on wildlife for over 20 years.